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JRC 3rd Session 2011-1690.jpg
JRC 3rd Session 2011-1690.jpg

Join The JRC Staff


Join The JRC Staff


Staff Positions

We have a range of openings, from senior staff to junior counselors, open this summer. To learn more about salary and the roles of each staff member at JRC, begin our application!  

JRC Staff - Summer 2020

Join us at JRC, and become part of the family.  We’re seeking the zany, the quirky, the bold, and the brilliant to join us for an amazing summer.  If you’re looking to change the world, make a difference, and be part of something bigger than yourself, we’ve got an opportunity for you to do just that.  


There’s so much fun at summer camp, but the job isn’t for everyone.  It requires an endless supply of patience, the ability to be rejuvenated by the campers around you, and requires a limitless supply of energy. 


We are extremely rustic: Are you comfortable being dirty?  Do you enjoy sleeping outside? These are realities of JRC.  


You will change lives.  You will be there when a child sees the Milky Way for the first time.  You will be there when a child pushes his or her own boundaries and accomplishes something great.  You will be the shoulder they cry on when they’re homesick, and the one who helps them smile through the tears.   They will never forget you and you will never forget them.


Ready To Apply? 

That's great! Before you do, we want to make sure that you understand what it's like to work at camp. So we've put together some questions you might want to ask yourself before applying--and if you think this might be a good fit, you can find the application link below.